This documentation offers comprehensive insights into various ways to access and engage with SimpliML—an advanced AI gateway designed to simplify and elevate your interactions with Large Language Models (LLMs), such as OpenAI's GPT models.

Whether you are directly integrating with LLMs directly, utilizing frameworks like Langchain or LlamaIndex, or developing standalone applications, SimpliML provides a flexible, secure, and efficient solution for managing and deploying AI-powered features.

3 Ways to Integrate SimpliML

SimpliML can be accessed through three primary methods, each tailored to different use cases and integration requirements:

1. SimpliML SDKs (Python and JavaScript)


2. OpenAI SDK through SimpliML Inference Gateway

Ideal for: current users of OpenAI's Python or Node.js SDKs. By modifying the base URL and incorporating SimpliML-specific headers, seamlessly integrate SimpliML's features into your existing setup.


Ideal for: applications preferring RESTful services. The base URL for all REST API requests is (opens in a new tab), accompanied by a specific header.