Prompt Store

Prompts Store

With SimpliML's Prompt Store, effortlessly create and manage prompts along with all associated model parameters. This allows you to experiment seamlessly with different combinations of parameters and prompts, review outputs, iterate, and, when satisfied, deploy with a single click.

Creating and Saving Prompts

SimpliML's user interface lets you input your model prompt and configure various parameters such as model type, temperature, max tokens, and more. Once content with the prompt and its parameters, saving it is a straightforward process. The UI in SimpliML facilitates easy testing and modification of prompts before saving.

Versioning of Prompts

SimpliML incorporates versioning for prompts, ensuring that any updates to a saved prompt create a new version. This feature allows experimentation with prompt changes while retaining the option to revert to a previous version if necessary.

Prompt Templating

SimpliML supports variables within prompts, enabling prompt templating for dynamic content. This powerful feature allows you to create prompts that adapt based on the variables passed in, facilitating the creation of dynamic and personalized prompts for various use cases or users.

API Endpoint for Saved Prompts

For each saved prompt, SimpliML provides an column that displays the chat interface for the different model. Users can directly chat by passing the required variables in their prompt template. This simplifies the integration of saved prompts into applications or services.