The Logs section in SimpliML showcases a chronological record of all processed requests. Each log entry includes essential information like the timestamp, request type, employed LLM, generated tokens, and associated cost. Clicking on an entry opens a side panel, unveiling comprehensive raw data featuring both the request and response objects.

This comprehensive log is immensely valuable for diagnosing problems or gaining insights into particular interactions. It ensures complete transparency by revealing precisely what data was sent and received, empowering you to understand and resolve issues effectively.


Request Status Guide

In SimpliML, the Status column on the Logs page provides a quick overview of gateway activity for each request. Here, you can easily track the status of SimpliML's gateway features—Cache, Retries, Fallback, indicating whether they are enabled, triggered, or in another state. This feature simplifies the monitoring process, allowing you to optimize your usage effortlessly.

Filter Logs

Empower yourself with enhanced control over data by filtering logs based on model, user, tokens, status, and feedback. This feature allows users to precisely tailor their view of the logs.

Export Logs

Simplify further analysis by exporting all logs in JSON or CSV format. This flexibility ensures compatibility with various analytical tools and facilitates in-depth examination of the data.